Auto electrical services

Dr Engine mobile repair and installation, covers the whole of West Auckland and Waitakere.

We can repair your car, quad bike or ride-on-mower.

The modern cars have become increasingly complicated, a network of wires, monitors and sensors, all connecting into the engine control unit to maintain performance and safety. The major safety systems are linked to the dashboard warning light system to indicate when a problem may have occurred. Smaller auto electrical problems in the wide range of comfort features, e.g. electrical windows, heated seats, central locking system and indicator lights etc. also, occasionally need repairs.

Intermittent Faults

These occur infrequently, the car misfires sometimes, or misfires going up steep hills, the engine surges only first thing in the morning or will not start sometimes.

A routine mechanic can guess at the problem, but Dr Engine can plug in the diagnostic scan tool and scan the engine control unit for the fault.

If a fault code has been left a speedy accurate repair can be made with no guess work.

However, if no fault code has registered a nasty hidden problem may need further full investigation which may take time.

Dr Engine can provide a realistic quote before adding to your bill.


The modern car has many sensors, wiring and an engine control unit that co- ordinate both safety and performance.

The computer system within the vehicle all links into the dashboard warning light system. Dr Engine has the latest diagnostic scan tool to accurately assess the vehicle problems. This knowledge and experience reduces cost of unnecessary parts and repair, giving value for money.

The diagnostic scan tool allows our skilled technician to communicate directly with your car and provide useful information about the fault and so reduce your repair costs because there is no guess work.

Dr Engine can provide a realistic quote before adding to your bill.

Installations & Repairs

Dr Engine also provides professional installation upgrades into older vehicles and repairs of stereo systems, Bluetooth wireless phone kits, alarms and immobilisers and reversing cameras. These improve car safety, and your driving experience.